The first result

  • Established networking of all hospitals and institutions included in the project partnership plus all hospitals in the Serbian programme area (min. 15 hospitals total)
  • Implemented Expert System Software for diagnosis and treatment of oncologic patients in all hospitals in border region (with the possibility of extending it outside of the programme area – Software will be available for all hospitals in both countries);
  • Installed secured system for storage and transmission of medical information in Romanian partner institutions and all health institutions in the Serbian programme area (min. 15 hospitas total)
  • Completed study: Development of advanced diagnostic procedures for personalized treatment of cancer in Romania and Serbia
  • Implemented project visibility/knowledge transfer events (46 events total)

The second result

  • Finalized new hospital building in Pozarevac with six new operation rooms and other relevant departments for most common cancer types;
  • Modernized and upgraded equipment relevant for treatment of cancer patients in all partner institutions.
  • Established Regional Centre for the Prevention, Early detection and Control of Malignant Diseases in Pozarevac

The third result

  • Developed Substantiation Report under the supervision of the Ministries of Health from Romania and Serbia and under auspices of the National Oncological Societies to improve the system of treatment of cancer patients and enable the implementation of medical and administrative procedures with the possibilities of Serbian patients receiving diagnosis from Romania, and Romanian patients receiving treatment in General Hospital Pozarevac.